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Portrait of the Graduate

What is a Portrait of the Graduate? 

A Portrait of the Graduate outlines the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that students across all grade levels should have. It is a promise that our educators make to ALL our students to prepare our students for the world beyond school. Additionally, a Portrait of the Graduate should reflect what our community values for our graduates.

A well-constructed Portrait of the Graduate is often compared to the North Star – serving as our compass guide to both a beginning and an end to our work as educators.

The characteristics and dispositions identified in the Portrait of the Graduate do not replace rigorous academic content. Rather, the characteristics and dispositions work in tandem with high academic standards, transcending and connecting independent content areas.



As a beginning, the Portrait of the Graduate can:

  • Help with strategic planning 
  • Clarify Vision and Mission Statements 
  • Assist in developing district and school goals 
  • Drive curricular and pedagogical decision-making 
  • Guide budget priorities and decisions 
  • Create a cohesive K-12 instructional framework 


As an end, the Portrait of the Graduate can: 

  • Represent the aspirations we have for all our learners - ultimately it is the end product that we nurture and develop in our students and for our students. 
  • Provide benchmarks along the way to identify when, where, and how we deliberately support students in attaining the Portrait of the Graduate. 
  • Serve as a summative assessment of our students, so when they graduate, we know that they have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions of our Portrait of the Graduate. 


Visual of Portait of the Graduate