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Goal 1: Engaging and Empowering Learning Experiences

All learners will have engaging and empowering learning experiences both inside and outside of school that prepare them to be active, creative, knowledgeable and ethical participants in our globally networked society.

Goal 2: Assessment

At all levels, our education system will leverage the power of technology to measure what matters and use assessment data for continuous improvement.

Goal 3: Connected Teaching and Learning

Professional educators will be supported individually, and in teams, by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise and learning experiences that can empower and inspire them to provide more effective teaching for all learners.

Goal 4: Infrastructure for Teaching and Learning

All students and educators will have access to a comprehensive infrastructure for learning, when and where they need it.

Goal 5: Productivity and Efficiency

At all levels, our education system will redesign processes and structures to take advantage of the power of technology to improve learning outcomes while making more efficient use of time, money and staff.