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SPORTS SCHEDULES and INFORMATION: For up-to-date athletics information


Click here for Amity sports schedules through the CIAC website.

ical link for uploading all games from ArbiterLive schedule to your calendar: CLICK HERE

Want schedule updates or changes via email or text (click your team, then follow team)? Click the Arbiter Live Link HERE

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CIAC Daily Schedule

CIAC Monthly Schedule


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 28
Mon, Jun 29
Tue, Jun 30
Wed, Jul 1
Thu, Jul 2
Fri, Jul 3
Sat, Jul 4
Sun, Jul 5
Mon, Jul 6
Tue, Jul 7
Wed, Jul 8
Thu, Jul 9
Fri, Jul 10
Sat, Jul 11
Sun, Jul 12
Mon, Jul 13
Tue, Jul 14
Wed, Jul 15
Thu, Jul 16
Fri, Jul 17
Sat, Jul 18
Sun, Jul 19
Mon, Jul 20
Tue, Jul 21
Wed, Jul 22
Thu, Jul 23
Fri, Jul 24
Sat, Jul 25
Sun, Jul 26
Mon, Jul 27
Tue, Jul 28
Wed, Jul 29
Thu, Jul 30
Fri, Jul 31
Sat, Aug 1