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Amity Board of Education

We, the members of the Amity Board of Education believe the following values for our students, staff, and ourselves are critical to building a learning community:

WE BELIEVE an effective school system requires the highest levels of integrity and ethics, open and honest communication, dependable and trustworthy effort, and accountability to learners and the community. 


WE BELIEVE that learning is a social endeavor and thrives in healthy relationships at all levels. Open, strong relations, between and among students, staff, the Board, and families, rooted in common purpose and sense of direction, enhance trust and motivation and promote learning. 


WE BELIEVE a healthy learning environment stems from a foundation of respect that supports expression of human dignity. Learners value different voices and perspectives and grow as kind, humble, compassionate, and open listeners, communicators, and colleagues. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

WE BELIEVE the district should nurture a community of learners who embrace individual and cultural differences, valuing how differences enrich society. 

WE BELIEVE that all learners should have access to the resources necessary to achieve their fullest educational potential with the full support of a community of leaders. 

WE BELIEVE that learners must belong to and feel supported in their learning environment for them to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. 


WE BELIEVE in the importance of generating learners who are resilient and adaptable, engaged, curious, and eager, who embody growth mindsets and are highly motivated to persevere to achieve mastery/excellence in academics, sports, the arts, and extracurricular performance. Further, we value a system that nimbly responds to unexpected challenges, has a process in place to learn from them, and uses this learning to improve future responses. 

Commitment to a caring community

WE BELIEVE learners who establish meaningful, healthy connections will become effective stewards of their broader communities and recognize the importance of their contributions to society.


The BOE Core Values were adopted by the Board on Nov 14, 2022