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Student organizations are at the core of life in the Amity community. We are so excited to share our incredible clubs.

If you have a club idea for a new club please follow these steps:

1st: review the list of verified clubs below and see if any of the clubs list match what you have in mind for your club, if so contact the club advisor to find out when those clubs meet and go see if that club works for you. 

2nd: If that club or clubs is not quite what you are looking take some time and write down what you would like your club to be about, make it a brief clear paragraph describing what your clubs mission is and what you like to do with your club. 

3rd: Speak with adults in the building that you may have a connection with or you know may be into what your club maybe into and see if they would be willing to be your advisor, if your find an advisor complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will do the rest. 

4th: if your cannot find someone who is willing to be an advisor, then use your paragraph to complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will try to help and find you a club advisor. 

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