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Club Council

Student organizations are at the core of life in the Amity community. We are so excited to share our incredible clubs-- a true example of students "going the distance."

Please check out some of what we are passionate about and driven for! We hope this gives you an idea of what a "day in the life of an Amity student" could be like!

If you have any questions about Amity Club Council, please contact Mr. Barretta, Ameya Menta (AHS '20), or Martin Gnidula (AHS '20).

Email Address:


Social Activism/Political/Business

Amity Student Government

Amity Student Government gives a strong voice to our student body! Each AHS Class has a Class Council-- Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can get in touch with their Class Representatives to discuss pertinent issues. Please refer to the ARHS Student Government webpage for more information. In addition, our student government meets on a monthly basis to discuss school-wide issues at hand.

Principal's Committee, our Student Rep. to the Board of Education, Chartwell's Dining Rep., Tools for Schools Rep. and more are selected/ organized by Student Government.

  • Advisor: Mr. Downhour
  • Student Leadership: Ella Marin '20 (President), David Sugarmann '20 (Vice President), Siavash Raissi '20 (Treasurer), Sydney Reiner '20 (Secretary), Sean Lee '20 (Technology Coordinator)
  • Meeting Dates: Our full student government meets on the 1st Monday of each month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Non-student representatives are more than welcome to both class and full-body meetings. While non-members are unable to vote, they can definitely participate! Please just inform our advisor and student leadership if you plan on attending a meeting. Thank you!


Black Student Union

To discuss topics relating to race and society, and how these topics pertain to life at Amity High School

Advisor: Mr. Lazzaro

Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

Culture Club

To explore the cultures of various countries around the world. We will discuss many different languages, music, dance, and perspectives.

Advisor: Mrs. Mirci

Student Leadership: Armando Palma ('20)

Meeting Dates: Every other Tuesday in room 218

Debate Team

Students who participate will learn the principles of formal debate and have the opportunity to compete in debate competitions throughout Connecticut. If you are interested in public speaking and defending your position, considering joining this very successful group!

  • Advisor: Mr. Cumpstone
  • Student Leadership: Sam Farbman '19, Thomas Livesay '19, and Kate Yuan '19
  • Meeting Dates: Thursdays Rm. 120, 2:30 p.m.


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools around the globe.

Advisor: Ms. Roessler

Student Leadership: TBD

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays Rm. 259

Diversity in Action

The purpose of this club is to promote diversity and showcase minority groups at Amity.

Advisor: Mrs. Romero

Student Leadership: Kobi Spence '21 and Ania Washington '21

Exploring Justice

Exploring Justice provides students opportunities to examine causes of injustice and efforts to address these problems locally and nationally. Amity students will often join with other New Haven area high school students for events at Yale University and other locations. Students will also have opportunities to participate in community service activities, workshops, field trips and other justice-related activities.

  • Advisor: Mr. Clifford
  • Presidents: Rosie Du '19, Julia Potter '19 and Arianna Pargen '19
  • Meeting Dates: We meet in room 118. Please contact one of the presidents for more information!

Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. The purpose of the club is to bring business & education together in a positive working relationship through leadership and career development. GBLA- PBL’s National and State Awards Program recognize and rewards excellence in these business and community related projects. This club fosters the development of character, citizenship and promotes school loyalty. More specifically, the FBLA club here at Amity, focuses on learning all facets business by running the already established start-up organization known at Amity Enterprise. Together, FBLA works collaboratively with the manufacturing students to design, produce, and sell handmade products to the school and their community members.

  • Advisors: Ms. Tupper, Mr. Rostowsky
  • Student Leadership: Weiss Yuan '19
  • Meeting Dates: Wednesdays after school


JSA is a nonpartisan political debate organization. In JSA, students have a chance to voice their opinions and share these ideas with students here and from across the Northeast. There are weekly club meetings and overnight conventions that take place in Boston, Washington D.C., and Stamford. If you’re ready to broaden your political horizons and make some lifelong friends, JSA is for you!

  • Advisor: Mr. Downhour
  • Student Leadership: Sam Farbman '19
  • Meeting Dates: Wednesdays at 2:30 in the Lecture Hall

Model UN

Through participation in this club, students will develop knowledge of cultures, social and economic and political systems throughout the world.

  • Advisor: Mr. Davis
  • Student Leadership: Kayla Morgan '20 and Sophia Wang '20
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesdays

National Association of Students Against Gun Violence (NASAGV)

This is an association with chapters established nationwide. Its purpose is to unite students that have a passion for gun safety under one name and one organization. In this club, we will teach and allow our members to become respectful activists in the area of gun safety. We want to keep the conversation going and also act on the issue. It is a bipartisan student-led movement that will help students find their voices in this matter and let them be heard.

Advisor: Mr. Clifford

Student Leadership: Alex Barnes '20

Meeting Dates: Every other Tuesday


PLAHD’s mission is to create – through education, support, social action, and advocacy- a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. PLAHD encourages acceptance and understanding within the diverse population of our school, promotes pride in our community, educates the school community, and creates a safe environment for Amity High School’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and straight students.

  • Advisor: Ms. Kimball
  • Student Leadership: TBA
  • Meeting Dates: TBA

Republican Club

The Amity Republican Club is a venue for Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, and Republicans can congregate to debate, get involved in community service, engage in student leadership, and volunteer for the Connecticut Republican Party and local Republican town Committees.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Roessler
  • Meeting Dates: Thursday after school in Room 259

Community Outreach/Mental Health

Amity Leo Club

The Amity Leo Club is primarily an organization that volunteers around the community, including nearby senior homes, the VA hospital, fairs and festivals, etc. In addition, we host annual food drives and clothing drives to help out local families and homeless shelters. Also, we helped found and are currently running a non-profit business organization called the Amity Medical Loan Closet. The purpose of this organization is to collect medical equipment that were no longer being used from various places, and loan them out to people in need if medical equipment but don't have resources to get them themselves.

  • Advisor: Miss Hamilton and Jen DiBlanda (out of school)
  • Student Leadership: Henry Westgard '20 and Jason Luciani '19
  • Meeting Dates: Weekly meetings every Tuesday from 5pm-6pm at the Amity Teen Center in Woodbridge (address is 10 Seldon Street)

Amity Girl Up

Amity Girl Up seeks to promote gender equality, advocate for female empowerment, and inform the community about gender issues in today's world.

  • Advisor: Ms. Browett
  • Student Leadership: Sana Pashankar '19
  • Meeting Dates: We meet right after school on Thursdays! Meetings are held once a month, so please contact student leadership for more information about specific dates. Thank you!

Amity Paws and Claws

Amity Paws and Claws fundraises for local animal shelters. We also raise awareness for them, too, and volunteer when we can! This is a GREAT way to get some community service hours and have fun giving back.

  • Advisor: Ms. Wuerth
  • Student Leadership: Swetha Tadepalli '19, Emily Bretthauer '19, and SooJin Park '19
  • Meeting Dates: We meet on Tuesdays right after-school in Ms. Wuerth's classroom. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in joining us!

See you soon!

Amity Relay for Life

To bring insight to our students & community of what Relay for Life is and it’s importance. We spearhead student participation in an annual Relay for Life event.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Lafo
  • Student Leadership: Summer Schaaf '19 and Billy McKeon '19
  • Meeting Dates: We meet on a monthly basis in the AHS Cafeteria. Our meeting schedule is tentative and finalized by student leadership-- please contact us for more information.

We would love your help!

Amity Welcoming Committee

Amity Welcome Committee (AWC) seeks to ease the transition for students new to Amity who enter the district after the start of their 9th grade school year and provide a leadership and community-building opportunity for its committee members

Advisor: Mr. Allard

Student Leadership: Henry Westgard '20

Meeting Dates: As needed

Environmental Club

The Amity Environmental Club promotes being mindful of one's personal environmental impact and Amity's collective impact. We also take part in volunteer work such as fundraising to protect endangered species and cleaning local beaches.

Updates from the fall: We had a bake sale at Edge of the Woods to raise money for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, held a Teen Life Expo workshop on recycling at Amity, and volunteered at Massaro Farm's Family Fun Day (among other activities).

  • Advisor: Ms. Morrison, Mrs Caron
  • Presidents: Jennifer Xu and Gabby Urbano
  • Meeting Dates: Every other Tuesday (subject to change)


The purpose of this club is to reach out to and enhance the lives of senior citizens. This club will also offer important opportunities for social interaction between our members and the seniors. We believe that intergenerational interaction can make one gain a new perspective on life. If the members of our club take the time to sit down and connect with the residents they can really make a difference in their lives. We plan to visit an elderly center and spend time with the residents. For example, we could share stories, organize a game night (bingo), help them with technology, draw/paint, or dance. The mission of the Generation 2 Generation Club is to create connections and relationships with the elderly

Advisor: Ms. Capiello

Meeting Dates: Every other Thursday from 2:30 to 3:15

Hand in Hand

The Hand in Hand Club helps our International Students connect with American Students to learn about Amity culture and make friendships. We host get-togethers and celebrations of culture to lessen the cultural gap between students.

  • Advisor: Ms. Campbell
  • Student Leadership: Alexandra Gu and Ziqi Yang
  • Meeting Dates: Thursdays

New Beginnings

37% of homes in Connecticut are at risk of experiencing homelessness. New Beginnings is a club designed to help a women's shelter in New Haven called New Reach. New Reach takes in thousands of women and their families to help them create a stable lifestyle. Since they take in so many people that shelter needs volunteers for making baskets to cooking food. We hope that you want to join and make a difference.

Student Leadership: Eesha Acharya '21 (President)

Advisor: Ms. Norris

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays afterschool


To inform the student populace about the gravity of mental health, and bullying, and how it impacts them (and those around them). We aim to spread positivity through different projects and spread education about causes and symptoms of these issues.

Advisor: Mr. Clifford

Meeting Dates: Thursdays every other week in room 118

Student Leadership: Joyce Zhang '20 and Adaiah Stevens '20


SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions) works to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving and substance abuse. Many events are hosted throughout the year such as Red Ribbon Week and “Grim Reaper Day”. The goal of SADD is to inform students at Amity and the community about the dangers of drinking and driving.

  • Advisor: Mr. Lindgren, Ms. Shane, Mr. Twohill
  • Student Leadership: Ally Cooper '21, Morgan Rahn '21, Mac Rahn '21, and Lauren Ronai '21
  • Meeting Dates: Every other Tues., 2:30, Career Center


The Amity UMTTR Club is a branch of the nationwide UMTTR organization that works to raise awareness for good mental health and positive community atmospheres. The UMTTR Club works to spread the message that everyone matters by fundraising for school activities, educating on mental health awareness, and promoting a happy and inclusive school atmosphere.

  • Advisors: Ms. Waterman, Ms. DeRosa
  • Student Leadership: Sarah Milner '20 (President), Saunder Saffran '20 (Vice President), Sofia Halepas '20 (Events Coordinator) and Marty Gnidula '20 (Events Coordinator)
  • Meeting Dates: Contact Leadership for meeting times and dates!


UNICEF is an organization that works in around 190 countries and territories to save children's lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfill their potential from childhood through adolescence. We will hold fundraisers and other ideas throughout the year.

Advisor: Ms. Norris

Student Leadership: Nicolas Lopez-Vila, Sara Cable, Haley Cable, and Matteo Delsanto

Meeting Dates: Thursdays every other week

Link Crew

Link Crew is the freshman orientation program at Amity High School. In addition to activities on the first day of school, Link Crew Leaders work in the freshman Spartan Seminars throughout the year in order to integrate the ninth grade and get them excited about Amity! If you are interested in being a Link Crew Leader, you can apply at the end of your sophomore or junior year.

  • Advisors: Ms. Bonaldo, Ms. Boyns, Ms. Carfiello, Mr. DeMeo, Ms. Kimball

Teen Teaching

The Teen Teaching Program is an opportunity for students who are interested in the teaching field to learn more about the opportunities available to them. Students select an age group and are assigned a host teacher to shadow and collaborate on writing a lesson plan. A mentor assists the student in delivering the lesson to a local elementary class. Students are required to attend a full day seminar with area high school students as well as two other workshops throughout the year.

  • Advisors: Mr. Iverson and Ms. Shane
  • Student Leadership: Danielle Casapulla and Emily Berkley
  • Meeting Dates: Thursdays

Together Club

To create an inclusive experience for students as well as an accepting and welcoming community.

  • Advisor: Mr. Billehus
  • Student Leadership: Arbesa Koleci and Ephemia Nicolakas
  • Meeting Dates: TBD


Amity Academic Decathlon

The United States Academic Decathlon is a 10-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students. It is the premiere scholastic competition for high school students! The team promotes learning and academic excellence through teamwork among students of all achievement levels. With topics ranging from music to math and everything in between, Academic Decathlon has something for everyone to try! The competition also allows you to practice important life skills like public speaking, essay writing, and interviewing. Academic Decathlon gives students the opportunity to widen their horizons and delve deeper into their own interests. With such a diverse set of topics to explore, it’s no surprise that the Academic Decathlon experience also builds lifelong friendships among teammates, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

  • Advisor: Mr. Ranani
  • Student Leadership: Mounisha Anumolu '19 (Co-Captain), Neha Sudhir'19 (Co-Captain)
  • Meeting Dates: AcDec practices every Wednesday afternoon in Mr. Ranani's room. Nearing competition, we practice more frequently throughout the week, too. Those pre-competition practices are planned in advance but vary in date/ time.

Fun Fact: Academic Decathlon is featured in Hollywood! Have you seen the new Spider Man movie yet?

Amity Math Team

Amity Math Team recently had a very successful 2016-2017 season, and is moving into the 2017-2018 year with a lot of momentum! The math team primarily competes within The Greater New Haven Math League, which is composed of teams from 17 area schools. There are several competitions throughout the year. Some teams may be eligible for state competition and New England competition.

Our math team is a great way to strengthen your math abilities and explore your love for mathematics!

Recent Updates: We tied for second place at our most recent meet in Branford! Our highest priority is qualified for the State Tournament. Stay tuned for more from us!

  • Advisor: Ms. Romero
  • Student Leadership: Julie Fleischman '19
  • Meeting Dates: We meet after-school on Thursdays. Please contact Howard and Kevin for more information.

Architecture Club

To promote the study of architecture through a group project involving architectural planning and design.

  • Advisor: Ms. Ruenhorst
  • Student Leadership: Julian Barroso
  • Meeting Dates: Wednedays at 2:30 Rm. 371

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club is made up of students (beginners to advanced) that have a passion for learning various computer languages and creating exciting new programs. The interaction between students provides each club member with an opportunity to foster new friendships, develop creativity through innovative programming and provide opportunities for career exploration. Besides peer instructions from specific language proficient students, all members will hone their skills using online tutorial programs such as Eclipse. Club members will also prepare and study for the programming and computer science skills required to compete in the annual FBLA Program, Quinnipiac University High School Computer Programming Competition and the National Lockheed Martin Code Quest Competition.

  • Advisor: Mr. Fuller
  • Student Leadership: Tim Frieden
  • Meeting Dates: Wednesdays from 2:30- 3:30 in Room 157

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities is a club wherein high school women go to teach elementary school girls concepts in math and science, encouraging students from a young age to work towards their dreams, and further the influence of women in the STEM field.

Meeting Dates: We meet twice a month; timing varies!

Marine Biology Club

The Marine Biology Club welcomes all students with an interest in the ocean and marine life. The goal of the club is to learn about marine biology and promote ocean literacy. Club members will determine club activities such as field trips and fundraiser activities. Our theme this year is Plastics in the Ocean. Club members participate in Expofest and investigate a solution to this world wide problem.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Cournoyer

Race Prep

Race Prep is tearing down a vehicle to inventory every part and then refurbish, restore or replace it. The purpose is to understand all automotive systems along with diagnostics and repair.

Student Leadership: Max Kruger '21 and Josh Snell '21

Advisor: Mr. McGrath

Meeting Dates: Every other Friday afterschool


Robotics Club

With technology and robotics becoming an increasingly important part of modern society, this club seeks to educate those with or without knowledge of robotics. This club plans to compete and will hold a hands on approach to understanding the functions of robots.

  • Advisors: Ms. Loman and Mr. Dufner
  • Student Leadership: Tim Frieden
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesday, Rm. 157, 2:30

Science Bowl

The purpose of this club is to excel in the national science bowl competition and have fun doing so!

  • Advisors: Mrs. Best & Mrs. Piscitelli
  • Student Leadership: Arnav Paliwal '21 & Peter Scully '21
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesdays after school (weekly)

Science Olympiad

Students in the STEM Club compete at several STEM related competitions, such as Yale Physics Olympics, Biology Science Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, Physics f=ma competition and possibly the Connecticut State Science Olympiad. The non- content based Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets which consist of a series of team events. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. The club will help prepare for these events, giving exposure to a wide variety of exciting disciplines of STEM.

  • Student Leadership: Jacob Feuerstein '19
  • Meeting Dates: Every other Tuesday in Room 252



Calliope is a collection of the creative writing and artwork of Amity’s students. The staff selects works, which include original poetry, short stories, drawings or photographs. The annual issue is published and distributed in the spring.

  • Advisor: Ms. Kimball
  • Student Leadership: Sam Epstein and Gill Nugent
  • Meeting Dates: Once a month

Embers Yearbook

Embers, Amity’s yearbook, is designed and published annually by a student staff, which is selected the previous spring through an application and interview process. This team is comprised of editors-in-chief, section editors, copy editors, photographers, and general staff who work daily—as their schedules allow—to complete a new edition of Embers from cover to cover. The staff also attends design workshops and participate in several team-building activities throughout the year.

  • Advisor: Mr. Clark, Mrs. Hulse
  • Student Leadership: Robin Snetsinger
  • Meeting Dates: Fridays in rm. 142 and/library computer lab 131
  • Website:

Trident Newspaper

We are Amity's school newspaper! We print once a month, and our six different sections allow the writers and staff to bring news and ideas to the Amity community.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Clark
  • Editors-in-Chief: Rosie Du, Sana Pashankar, Kate Yuan
  • Section Editors: Olivia Gross, Gillianne Nugent, Sydney Reiner, Ella Marin, Ryan Anastasio, Sophia Wang, Niha Irshad

Meeting Dates: Please reach out to an Editor-in-Chief for more information about getting involved! Writing for the newspaper is truly so valuable.

Check out our Instagram!

Our newspaper is available online, too! What do you think?

Honor Societies

Chinese Honor Society

National Chinese Honor Society at Amity works to promote Chinese language (中文) and culture (文化). The Honor Society connects with the middle school Chinese departments, too, in effort to have full-district communication. Honor Society members are encouraged to serve in the community by spreading their awareness and passion for the language. An example of this is members volunteering to assist in a Chinese I, II, III, or IV class during one of their free periods.

Juniors who study Chinese at Amity will receive more information about NCHS. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of the co-presidents or our teacher advisor!

  • Advisor: Du Lao Shi (Rui Du)

P.S: Check out the decorated bulletin board in the World Language Hallway for some really awesome Chinese culture pictures and more!

French Honor Society

This association works to stimulate interest in the study of foreign Language, to promote higher standards of scholarship, to reward high scholastic attainments, to create enthusiasm for an understanding of world cultures and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the global community. Students who are enrolled in an 11th or 12th grade foreign language class and meet eligibility requirements in scholarship, leadership and service are invited to participate.

  • Advisors: Ms. Caron and Dr. Moustapha

Latin Honor Society

The Latin Honor Society works to promote Latin and the study of ancient cultures throughout Amity. The Honor Society does community service related projects throughout the year in order to help others who are passionate about Latin. Recently, members took a field trip to the Bethany Middle School to show the current eighth graders how great Latin is!

  • Advisor: Miss Hamilton
  • Student Leadership: Alexander Cadelina '19 (Co-president), Marion Hamilton '19 (Co-president), Will Cadelina '19 (Secretary), and Samuel Mahler '19 (Treasurer)

National Art Honor Society

Students in this organization are selected for membership by the art faculty for demonstrating consistent art scholarship, motivation and outstanding character. The candidate must have been enrolled in an art class for as least one semester. The group works to promote art in the school and community by sponsoring exhibitions and art services.

  • Advisor: Ms. Zamachaj

National Honor Society

Students with a 3.5 GPA are eligible to apply for membership in the National Honor Society. The Faculty Council selects students showing exemplary scholarship, leadership, service and character. Members provide services to Amity and the community with activities such as the Red Cross Blood Drive, American Cancer Society Relay for Life and other activities.

  • Advisor: Mr. Davis

Spanish Honor Society: La Amistad

The Spanish Honor Society, La Amistad, works to promote the study of Spanish and the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. The Honor Society runs events throughout the year including Toy Drives and Food Drives to raise money to support the Fairhaven School in addition to going to the school frequently to help out in classes. La Amistad also runs a really great Salsa Night every year. Be on the lookout for more information about that!

  • Advisor: Mr. Silva, Ms. Potter and Ms. Regan


Amity Art Through Fashion

With Art through Fashion, students and teachers can express their fashionable style or personalized items through an online blog. Members customize personal items and have a sense of acceptance. Artists, computer techs or just people who like to dress up on a Friday are expected and welcome! We cannot wait to see you there!

  • Advisor: Ms. Caron
  • Student Leadership: Carolyna Iff '20 and Tara Mohensi '19
  • Meeting Dates: Mondays until 4pm!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Amity Creative Theater

Amity Creative Theatre is one of the biggest clubs at AHS and has to do with all things theater! Anywhere from monthly cabarets to student run productions, ACT is sure one successful club!

  • Advisors: Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Rizzoti and Mrs. Chevan
  • Student Leadership: Lilli Querker '19, Carly Chervenak '19, Tayla Braverman '20, Halle Syrop '20
  • Meeting Dates: Contact Club Leadership for More Information!

If you would like to join, please contact our ACT Membership Secretary. We look forward to working with you soon!

Amity Philosophy Club

The purpose of this club will be to explore different philosophical concepts and ideas from around the world. Opinions of topics will be discussion as well as comparisons of beliefs to gain a larger and more concrete understanding of the world and how we think. 

Advisor: Mrs. Allen 

Meetings: Room 148 after school until 2:50

Amity Technical Theatre

To recruit new members into the technical aspect of Art. We will provide information training and hands on experience needed to succeed backstage during future performances.

  • Advisor: Mr. Kennedy
  • Student Leadership: Avital Sutin '19
  • Meeting Dates: Brady Center, once a month

Amity Unified Theater

Unified Theater creates more inclusive communities through youth leadership and the performing arts. Students of all abilities, backgrounds, interests, and experiences come together as individuals and equals to write, direct and produce their own theater performance.

Advisor(s): Ms. Wuerth, Ms. Bonaldo

Meeting time: Fri., 2:30, Black Box Theater

Looking forward to see ya there! Please consider joining us.

Costume Club

The costume club is dedicated to teaching sewing and crafting skills, and giving people an opportunity to work on sewing projects and interact with people with similar interests, and prepare people for costume crew for the spring musical.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Chevan
  • Student Leadership: Abigail Slanski and Anna-Maria Marinescu
  • Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month in room 109

Creative Writing Club

Have you ever wanted your words to move mountains, divert rivers, or disrupt the very laws of reality itself? Here at the Creative Writing Society, you may not be able to do the above…..but …you can make yourself known. Let this school know about your creativity, your innovation, and your strength in writing. Now join us, fellow harbinger of the lost words of a post-modern civilization. Pick up your pen and let your emotions and your legacy be recorded in the pages of history. The stars will align to illuminate the dawn of a new age--your age. Welcome, to the Creative Writing Society.

  • Advisor: Ms. Martin
  • Student Leadership: Kevin Zheng and Abigail Slanski
  • Meeting Dates: We meet 2:30-3:30 on Wednesdays in room 150 (though this may change towards the second half of the year)

Feel the Music

To Play Music every Friday in between classes to inspire positivity in the hallway & create a friendly, less stressful environment

  • Advisor: Ms. Morrison
  • Student Leadership: Jason Dittmann and Olivea Kosh
  • Meeting Dates: Rm. 286, 2:20 pm., 1x mos.

Improv Club

This club will allow Amity students to explore and express themselves via comedic improve and interact with a wide variety of peers in a low-pressure environment and without the massive time commitment of a dramatic production.

  • Advisor: Ms. Bonaldo
  • Student Leadership: Charmaine Robichaud, Owen Parr, and Mitch Bronson

Jazz Band

Jazz Band meets to practice and rehearse for school concerts and performances.

  • Advisor: Mr. Dolan
  • Student Leadership: TBA
  • Meeting Dates: Tues./Thurs., 6:45-7:30 a.m., Rm. 381

Music of all Generations

To make amity a more colorful place filled with art and music. We will teach other students how to play instruments (guitar bass, piano, drums etc). We will sometimes hold music sharing sessions, each student comes with a song in mind to play on the speakers for the whole club to hear. They can even showed us what they learned. It could also benefit the students if they have trouble performing in front of people.

Advisor: Mr. Malloy

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays from 2:18 to 4:00



Rhythmix is Amity's sole acapella group! The purpose is to enhance our music department.

  • Advisor: Mrs. Rizzotti
  • Student Leadership: Willow Smith and Katie O'Brien
  • Meeting Time: Friday right after school!


One Book/One Amity involves all departments at the high school, all staff and faculty, as well as students grades 9-12 and their families. It revolves around the annual reading of one shared title! All staff and each Amity family receive a copy of the book as a gift to read over the summer months. The 2018-2019 OB/OA book is All American Boys

OB/OA members helps to select the title and plan related activities, presentations, speakers, and discussions around the book.

OB/OA 2017 Highlights:

  • Spearheading the first annual Teen Life Expo at Amity High School
  • Author Visit

Advisor: Please see Mrs. Chevan ( with any questions!

Meeting Dates: The committee generally meets on the second and last Wednesdays of every month.

Check out this picture of the author visit!


Amity Color Guard

If you love to perform and compete, this is the place to be! You will learn to dance & spin with flags, rifles, and sabers. First time members are always welcome!

  • Advisors: Lauren ( and Brittany (
  • Student Leadership: Marion Hamilton '19
  • Meeting Dates: Practices are held on Tuesday/ Thursday at AMSB

If you have any questions, please contact us. Looking forward to it!

Amity Foosball Club

To provide students of Amity High School with an engaging foosball experience

Advisor: Mr. Moustapha

Meeting Dates: Mondays 2:30-3:30

Amity Unified Sports

A school based program of Special Olympics® that combines athletes with and without intellectual disability on sports teams for training and competition. Students may participate in one or more of the following sports; soccer (fall), basketball (winter), volleyball (spring). The teams compete in several tournaments each season. The Unified Sports Program helps foster an inclusive school community where the values of tolerance, patience and sensitivity are cornerstones.

  • Advisor: Ms. Grace
  • Meeting Dates: Twice a week, 2:20 -3:00

Astro Club

To form a community of outer space enthusiasts in which we will explore celestial bodies and how their aspects can be interpreted.

Advisor: Ms. Hamilton

Student Leadership: Ian Glassman

Meeting Dates: Every other Thursday in Room 215

Chess Club

To enjoy and play Chess recreationally after school.

  • Advisor: Mr. Laliberte
  • Student Leadership: Dan Li and Ian Pittinger
  • Meeting Dates: Wednesdays, Rm. 263

Chinese Club

Advisor: Mrs. Perkins

Student Leadership: Eric Jiang '20, Ruiqui Jiang '20


To compete in sanctioned E-sports.

Advisor: Mr. DeRosa

Student Leadership: Micheal Decesare

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30

Film Club

Providing basic film education and making films

Advisor: Mr. Iverson

Meeting Dates/Times: Thursdays 2:30-3:30

Foreign Films Club

Watch and discuss foreign films. Gain a new perspective on cultures and themes all over the world.

Advisor: Mrs. Serapiglia

Meeting Dates: 2:30 to 3:30 Tuesdays or Thursdays

Latin Club

A club for the continued pursuit of Latin education. It will further explore Latin/Roman culture through a variety of media such as film, cuisine and art.

  • Advisor: Miss Hamilton
  • Student Leadership: Alexander Cadelina '19

Photography Club

The purpose of the Photography Club is to express creativity in young adults through art.

  • Advisor: Ms. Valenzuela
  • Student Leadership: Ning Luo '20

Race Prep

Advisor: Mr. McGrath 

Student Leadership: Max Kruger 

Retro Gaming Club

The purpose of the Retro Gaming Club is to learn and respect the history of video games and their importance in society.

  • Advisor: Mr. Clark
  • Student Leadership: Max Deng
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesdays in rm. 144

Statistics of Card Games

This club explores the strategies behind popular card games, including Rat a tat Cat, Egyptian Ratscrew, Spit, Presidents, Kemps, Garbage, Uno, and Spoons. After learning how the games work and exploring winning strategies, the club will hold tournaments at the end of the season.

  • Advisor: Ms. Morrison
  • Student Leadership: Danielle Lee and Keri Tenerowicz
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesdays

Table Top Gaming Club

To discuss, teach, learn and play Table Top games, such as Magic the Gathering, D&D, etc. All levels of experience with games are welcome!

  • Advisors: Mrs. Pascale and Mr. D'Averso
  • Student Leadership: Lenny Bamberg '18
  • Meeting Dates: Tuesdays room 108 and Wednesdays room 296

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Ultimate Frisbee Club's purpose is to spread the love of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The club will teach both the basics and advanced strategies. The atmosphere is laid back but competitive.

Recent Update: We picked our captains and are getting set for the new season ahead.

  • Advisor: Matthew Zawaki
  • Student Leadership: Sean Lee '20, Henry Westgard '20
  • Meeting Dates: Every Friday at 2:30 in room 446. Please contact one of the captains for more information!

Young Adult Book Club

The Young Adult Book Club is a club for students interested in reading and discussing new popular titles geared at young adults. The club meets monthly in a book club style to chat and discuss new and exciting texts.

  • Advisor: Ms. Bonaldo
  • Student Leadership: Alex Marinescu '19 and Brigitte Gagnon '19
  • Meeting Dates: Last Tuesday of each month