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Amity Science Research Program

The Amity Science Research Program is an ongoing program that is taken in conjunction with the student’s regular science course. There are several tiers to the program. During Year 1 students learn the components of scientific research including the scientific method and apply these concepts in various settings including designing and conducting an authentic science research project and communicating results by participation in at least one local science fair. Students also explore various applications of science topics through field trips, guest speakers and class projects. Students will explore research methodology and perform appropriate analyses of data on an in-depth research project. Advanced students (Years 2-4) select their science research topic, locate an out-of-school mentor (either in industry or at a local university) and compete in a variety of science fairs. Students must apply for admission to this program. Acceptance into the program will be based on a science teacher recommendation, a written response, and excellent academic grades. Students must be self- directed and capable of independent goal setting and achieving with instructional guidance. Collaboration with a mentor is mandatory for Advanced students. Applications for each school year are open to incoming 9th and 10th grade students.


To Apply for Acceptance to This Program:

  • Complete the application using the link here.
  • Your current and previous year science teachers will need to complete a recommendation form. You are responsible for asking them to fill out the form on your behalf. A copy of the recommendation form can be viewed here. The form to hand to your teacher can be viewed here.
  • Give the Request for Report Card form to your Counselor. Do this immediately. (Your Guidance Counselor needs to time assemble your report cards.) A copy of the form can be viewed here.Note: This form must be signed by your parent/guardian.

    Complete all steps by the application deadline.

    Application Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2017 (No Exceptions)

    Any questions can be addressed to Angelo Amato, Science Department Chair at Amity High School.