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Special Programs

Advanced Placement
A program of college-level courses and examinations is available to qualified students in grades 11 and 12. More than 90% of the nation's colleges and universities offer advanced placement standing to students whose AP exam grades are considered acceptable. Success on four or more exams may result in one year of college credit. For more information on Advanced Placement please visit:

Early Graduation
Early Graduation is an option available to seniors who will have fulfilled their graduation requirements by the middle of their senior year. Any students who are interested in this program should see their counselor for further information before registering for senior year courses.

Independent Study Program
Juniors and seniors may apply for the Independent Study Program. Pending approval of a faculty/student committee, the student has the opportunity to do an in-depth study in an area of interest under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. Independent study projects cannot overlap or duplicate material already offered in the high school curriculum. They also cannot be used to fulfill a graduation requirement. Students may do an independent study for a half or full year. Honors credit is awarded for successful completion of the project. Applications for this program are available through the Guidance Department.

Yale Study Program
High achieving Amity students who want to enhance their curriculum have the option of participating in the Yale Study Program for High School Students. These students select one course per semester from the undergraduate brochure at Yale and receive both college credit and credit toward high school graduation. In these courses, they compete on a level with college students. Students are responsible for the cost of the selected course and transportation to/from Yale.

Community Service Program
Amity's program at this stage is a credit program that provides students an opportunity to try different volunteer activities, group fund raising and individual service projects. Meetings are held monthly for student interaction, with a faculty advisor coordinating the program. Students must complete thirty hours of volunteer work per semester and attend seminar meetings to receive credit. Students who wish to participate in the program on a non credit basis may do so with the advisors permission. Credit is awarded based on Pass/Fail.

Yale-New Haven International Studies Program
Amity is one of a number of greater New Haven area schools participating in the Yale-New Haven International Studies Program. The first component of the program is the historical/cultural study of either East Asia or Russia. This program is offered on Saturday mornings at Hillhouse High School. The second component is a legal studies program, provided in conjunction with the Yale University School of Law. Applications for the programs are available from the Main Office in the fall.