Welcome to Amity Regional District No. 5


Provide a safe, healthy, and caring environment that maximizes the social, physical, and intellectual growth of the young adolescent.





Following are links to some key information for parents/guardians and students:

- Amity Middle School Student Handbook
- Annual Asbestos Notification
- Annual Pesticide Notification
- Attendance Information
- Bullying Information
- Cafeteria Menu
- Free and Reduced Price Lunch
- How to Help Your Middle School Student Stay Organized (2018 presentation)
- Late Bus Schedule
- Middle School Athletics
- MyPaymentsPlus (cafeteria & field trip payments)
- School Calendar
- School Staff Directory
- School Supply Suggestions:
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- Weekly Email Newsletter Archive

Additional information may be found in the Parents and Students sections of our web site.

Hear the song written by Dr. Monte Selby in collaboration with all AMSO students:






School News

During the summer this is a list of resources if you know someone is struggling and needs help.

Students at Amity Middle School in Bethany, Amity Middle School in Orange, and Amity Regional High School have been working to paint symbols of peace, harmony, and unity.

This Week at AMSO