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AMSO Character Education

Character Education is thriving at Amity Middle School in Orange. Our teams integrate character traits, activities, and discussions into the curriculum. Presenters from organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, Milford Rape Crisis Center, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving work with students on how to contribute to a positive school climate and make good choices.

For the past few years we have been implementing the Jackie's Nine character education program. The characteristics of Jackie's Nine include Courage, Integrity, Determination, Citizenship, Commitment, Teamwork, Persistence, Justice and Excellence. Taking all nine characteristics by which Jackie Robinson lived and tried to instill in others, students participate in pep rallies, learn from speakers on special challenges, and enjoy a BMX Stunt Show among other presentations, videos, and a multitude of other activities that are motivational, inspirational, and fun. Teachers have been very enthusiastic in developing a "bag of tricks," and multiple strategies relative to the character theme.

Discipline is handled carefully where teachers and administrators have a conversation with the student(s) and arrive at plans for changes in behaviors and solutions together. We love seeing students changing their own behaviors and understanding for themselves how it feels to "do the right thing." Creating positive relationships with students is where "it" all begins. The "it" is the rapport, mutual respect and understanding for each other and others.

Thank you to parents and community members for your continued support and for being such encouraging guiding lights. Your children are all our "characters."

We always look forward to hearing from parents when there may be a question or concern. A strong partnership between home and school is essential to students' success in school and social/emotional growth.