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The purpose of the PTSO is to assist Amity Middle School in its efforts to provide an excellent education for its students in an atmosphere that is conducive to optimum learning and development. Our PTSO acts as a focal point of communication between parents and our school administration. This organization also supports our school, faculty, administrators and staff through volunteer efforts and financial support. Your membership and participation encourage a sense of community by providing families with an opportunity to become acquainted, and your involvement allows us all to work together to continue our wonderful programs of academic excellence. We thank you for your gifts of time, talents, and generosity.

How to get involved with PTSO:

1. Sign Up to become a Member.

2. Volunteer as a “Chair” or participant in the many school events and fundraisers.

3. Come to meetings (dates TBA - see the weekly email newsletter from AMSO)

4. Drop a suggestion, question or 'issue' to our PTSO mailbox:

5. Make a donation online!

PTSO Executive Board Members 2022-2023

Dianna Fuehrlein - AMSO PTSO President 

Cindy Visnic - AMSO PTSO Vice President

Kristina Petrazzuoli - AMSO PTSO Treasurer

Amy VanZandt - AMSO PTSO Secretary