Summer Reading


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

This summer AMSB and AMSO will be collaborating with Amity High School’s ONE BOOK/ONE AMITY program, and we will be part of a district-wide focus on social justice. We believe that by affording our students the time and opportunity to read about, talk about, and act upon issues that are important to making our world a more just place, they will be well on their way to becoming lifelong learners as well as active school community members.

 To this end, we ask that each student reads at least one book this summer that has a social justice focus. Students may choose to read either fiction or nonfiction and may consider some of the following social justice topics:

● Ability and Access

● Environmental Awareness

● Gender and Sexual Identity

● Mental Health Awareness

● Race and Ethnicity

We have collected a list of book suggestions for each category, along with resources to find even more titles. Students should pick a book that suits them in terms of topic and reading level.

After reading their chosen book, students should complete this Google Form. This brief form will require students to convey specific information about their text and relate it to social justice. This assignment will count as a homework grade for Quarter 1. Additionally, at the start of the school year, students may be asked to complete additional activities, which English teachers may utilize to further assess students’ understanding and to attain baseline data (such as a writing sample). Furthermore, students will engage in school-wide book discussions at the beginning of the new school year. Rest assured, the Google Form and other summer reading information is also posted on our district’s website.

Additionally, as part of the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge, we encourage students to read as many books as possible this summer. Attached is a reading journal where students are encouraged to keep a list of all titles of the books they read.  English teachers will collect the journals at the beginning of the year. Let’s see how many we can get!

Amity Middle School’s summer reading program is designed to help support academic performance, promote a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, and foster a feeling of community in our school and is an essential component of our school literacy plan. It is our wish that students experience the joy of reading this summer.


Kathy Burke                      Jason Tracy

AMSO Principal               AMSB Principal