Summer Reading

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

This summer all middle school students will be required to read two books as part of our summer reading program. This program is intended to help support academic performance, promote a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, and foster a feeling of community in our school. Incoming seventh and eighth graders will be required to complete the following:

Incoming Seventh Grade:

  • For their first required book, students must choose a Nutmeg Book Award (NBA) nominee from either the Intermediate or Teen lists. The lists of titles can be found at
  • For their second required book, students must select a fiction or non-fiction book of their choice.

Incoming Eighth Grade:

Incoming Seventh and Eighth Grades:

This year we have decided to continue our program from last year and participate in the “Letters About Literature” initiative sponsored by the Library of Congress. To that end, students will be required to complete the attached graphic organizer and then write a letter to the author of their favorite book from their reading this summer, explaining how that author’s work changed his or her view of our world. You can find more information about this program at These assignments will be evaluated by English teachers during the first few weeks of school, and we will also engage in school-wide book discussions.

As part of the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge, students are encouraged to read as many books as possible. Attached is a reading journal where students are required to keep a list of all titles and authors for the books they read. At the beginning of the year, English teachers will collect the journal, graphic organizer, and the final typed copy of the letter.

Amity Middle School’s summer reading program is an essential component of our school literacy plan. It is our wish that this new pilot program will encourage our students to experience the joy of reading this summer. 


Richard Dellinger

Principal-Bethany Campus