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scienceexplorer1_44x57.jpg Science Explorer
  7th grade science textbooks: (Click for instructions on how to register)

The Nature of Science and Technology 
 earthswaters_44x57.jpg  Earth's Waters
 earthschangingsurface_44x57.jpg  Earth's Changing Surface
 astronomy_44x58.jpg  Astronomy
 insideearth_44x58.jpg  Inside Earth
 EOW_44x56.jpg  Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures 
(7th grade Social Studies)
 The American Journey  The American Journey
(8th grade Social Studies)
            BVL1_44x56.jpg  ¡Buen Viaje! Spanish
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                  explancient_41x58.jpgexplmiddle_41x58.jpg  Exploring Ancient Civilizations & The Middle Ages 
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