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Public Act 12-116 – An Act Concerning Educational Reform:

As of July 1, 2012, CEU requirements for all teachers HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED.  Instead, as of July 1, 2013, districts are required to provide a minimum of 18 hours of professional development annually to each educator they employ. The majority of this professional development should be in small group or individual instructional settings and should align with the individualized teacher needs as identified through the current evaluation process.


It is the responsibility of the individual teacher, in collaboration with his/her administrator, to identify and participate in appropriate PD activities to address the needs identified in his/her annual evaluation.  Districts and teachers should create a tracking method for the professional development that has been completed which may be reviewed and audited by the CSDE going forward. 


It is your responsibility to keep record of ALL PD that you have participated in. In order to help you achieve this we have developed a Professional Development Log which you should fill out each and every time you participate in a PD opportunity. This log can be presented as additional evidence towards meeting your goals at the mid-year and end of year conference with your primary evaluator.


The requirements for PD are:

  • District must provide a minimum of 18 hours annually of PD;
  • Preponderance of small group or individual instructional setting;
  • Comprehensive, sustained and intensive approach to improving teacher and administrator effectiveness in increasing student knowledge achievement,
  • Focus on refining and improving various effective teaching methods that are shared between and among educators;
  • Foster collective responsibility for improved student performance, and
  • Shall be comprised of professional learning that meets the following criteria –
    • Aligns with rigorous state academic achievement standards
    • Conducted among educators at the school and facilitated by principals, coaches, mentors, distinguished educators or other appropriate teachers,
    • Occurs frequently on an individual basis or among groups of teachers in a job-embedded process of continuous improvement, and
    • Includes a repository of best practices for teaching methods developed by educators within each school that is continuously available to such educators for comment and updating.
    • Should be based on results and findings of teacher and administrator performance evaluations, to improve teacher and administrator practice and provide professional growth;
    • Improve the integration of reading instruction, literacy and numeracy enhancement, and cultural awareness into instructional practice
    • Include strategies to improve ELL instruction into instructional practice; and
    • Include during each five-year period a minimum of 15 hours in training in the evaluation and support of teachers for every administrator.


Currently Professional Development activities that are offered at Amity are tracked in Protraxx and we will continue to do this for the 2013-2014 school year. However, many of you engage in PD activities outside of Amity or may participate in small group PD within your departments, PLC, teams, etc.  Those types of PD opportunities need to be tracked on the PD Log.