Groups Offered by Guidance & Support Services

Student Assistance Counseling

Student Assistance Counseling is a confidential service available to any student who is concerned about alcohol and drug abuse for themselves or others. Individual and group counseling is provided on a weekly basis. Topics for groups include assessing personal use, understanding physical effects of substances, avoiding peer pressure, coping with friends and family members' use and understanding community resources. Students interested in obtaining services can contact Mr. Lindgren by leaving a confidential note with the Guidance Secretary, or through their Guidance Counselor.

Decision Making

This adolescent group is a series of six to eight sessions in which students learn decision making strategies. Utilizing a discussion format, the group will explore how to make good choices in dealing with the many issues which face adolescents.
Students in this support group will gain insights into: *Dealing with peer pressure * Healthy relationships * Adolescent sexuality * Goal setting * Taking good or bad risks

Grief and Loss

This support group is designed for adolescents who have experienced a death. Grief is a highly emotional experience for both adults and children. When children lose loved ones, they experience a frightening sense of abandonment and a loss of security and control. School personnel can play a  vital role in helping adolescents understand and manage the pain of grief. This eight session discussion group is designed to help students deal with the emotional turmoil and grief associated with the loss of a loved one. Using a discussion format, the participants in the group will:
* Identify feelings associated with personal loss
* Become aware of normal grief reactions and the steps in the grieving process
* Develop coping skills to help in the grieving process

Students Against Destroying Dreams

The Students Against Destroying Dreams ( S.A.D.D.) group has been meeting since 1998. The group meets on a regular basis after school on various projects to increase student and community awareness about the dangers of tobacco, substance abuse, alcohol and other destructive behaviors. SADD members have attended statewide rallies at the State Capital to alert our representatives and the public to concerns about the promotion of tobacco products aimed at adolescents. In addition, SADD representatives have attended the Orange Drug and Alcohol Committee meetings in the community and participated in a statewide SADD leadership camp. SADD members hope they can prevent students from destroying their dreams for the future.


Friendship groups are a great way to meet new people and learn more about yourself. Students explore what makes a good friend, and how to develop and maintain friendship. Students also work on value clarification and conflict resolution. Currently, there are numerous friendship groups running. Typically, the groups are separated by grade and gender in order to facilitate discussions specific to the needs of the group. If you would like your student to participate in a friendship group, please contact the Guidance Office.


This adolescent group is  a series of six to eight sessions in which students learn how to control their own stress Once students can do this, they can be calmer and more receptive to learning. With society's emphasis on success, stress can begin at  a very early age and continue throughout a person' s life. Every day, stressful situations at home and in school can place great demands on a young person' body and mind. The purpose of this group is to help teenagers learn to relax and overcome their stresses. This is done through a variety of activities and a discussion format which will provide teenagers with the following benefits:
* The understanding of how stress can affect you
*The knowledge that teenagers have similar experiences and they are not alone in facing them
* Helping adolescents to recognize their own stressors and how to deal with or eliminate them
* Learning coping strategies for dealing with stressful situations.


This adolescent group is a series of six to eight sessions for students who are presently or will be living in single-parent or step-parent families as a result of divorce or separation. For children from separated/divorced families, adjustment to divorce is an ongoing process that may require repeated intervention at various points in a  youngster' s life. Research has documented how the stress of divorce can impact significantly on the school performance and psychological well being of children. Each year, parents of more than one million children terminate their marriages. This support group is designed to help adolescents cope with the emotional and behavioral consequences of divorce. Using a discussion format, the participants in the group will:
* Be given an opportunity to meet with other individuals who have had similar experiences
* Become aware of one' s thoughts and feelings regarding the divorce and appropriate ways of expressing their feelings
* Learn positive and healthy coping skills for dealing with situations brought about with a divorce