Grading in Physical Education

Grading Requirements

1.   All students must participate in at least 75% of their assigned P.E. classes each marking period. Failure to do so will result in a grade of "incomplete", until such work is made up or the student will receive a loss of credit.

2.   Students with a long term medical excuse from P.E. are expected to report to class as scheduled, where they will be given a digital literacy assignment in lieu of their normal class.

3.   Students who are in school but are unable to participate in P. E. class will be assigned a make-up class. This class must be made up either during study hall, or after school. Not making up the class will result in the loss of credit for that day. Students not participating must remain with their class at all times.

4.   Grades in physical education will be based on the following components:

       a.     Participation (65%)- The Amity philosophy is to emphasis activity at the highest level by all students. By making approximately 2/3 of the grade based on effort and involvement, a good grade is within the grasp of everyone.

       b.     Skill (20%)- based on both objectives and subjective measures of student's skill level and its improvement.

       c.  Assessments (15%)-assessments will be given at the end of most units, stressing cognitive development the subject areas.