Physical Education & Health Curriculums

Physical Education
The Amity Physical Education program provides psychomotor, cognitive and affective content and learning experiences that promote optimum personal development. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to participate in a select number of activities aimed at mastering skill objectives and concepts that provide students with opportunities to become proficient movers in the units offered while enjoying and participating in sport specific content, lifetime activities and individual fitness.                                                                                                                                                                 At Amity, quality curriculum and instruction, provided in a safe and supportive environment, offers meaningful, challenging learning for all students, and results in lifetime learning outcomes of skills, literacy, and ability to understand concepts and develop plans for lifetime physical activity and wellness. All students are urged to exhibit responsible and social behavior that demonstrates a respect for oneself as well as others, while learning the values of physical activity and the role that it plays in their health.

Courses include:
Physical Education (Grade 9 State of Connecticut graduation requirement)
Physical Education (Grade 10-11, State of Connecticut graduation requirement)

Health Education

The Amity Health Education Program follows a sequential , comprehensive,  state mandated curriculum. Classes are aimed at teaching those concepts which help students to develop positive, life long health. With a strong focus on health literacy  and 21 st century skills, our teachers work diligently to create positive and inclusive learning environments that engages students in a myriad of kinesthetic opportunities. Aligned with the National Health Education Standards and other relevant frameworks, assessments will be used to measure prior knowledge and student growth.  Students will demonstrate their ability to access valid health information and practice health enhancing behaviors, while learning how  to avoid and to reduce risk factors.
Courses include:
Health and Wellness (Grade 9, State of Connecticut graduation requirement)
Teen Life (Elective 9-10-11)
Health Promotion (Elective 10-11-12)