Rules and Regulations for Physical Education

Rules and Regulations for Physical Education

1.   A change of clothes is required when participating in class. Sneakers, socks and physical education uniform (gym socks and shirt) are required for participation in class. Sweat suits and or warm-ups are allowed. Sweaters, jeans, boots, flip flops/sandals or similar types of clothing are not acceptable.

2.   All valuables should be locked in your locker or given to your teacher prior to gym class. Students are responsible for all clothing and valuables.

3.   All students must be in the locker room by the time the second bell has rung.

4.  All students will be assigned a locker. Students are expected to bring in a combination lock for their locker. Students are not to share lockers with friends.

5.   All jewelry must be removed before gym class for everyone's safety.

6.   Any injury which occurs during class must be reported immediately to your teacher.