Amity Middle School Bethany Chamber Singers

Perform at Woodbridge Senior Center

On November 14th the Chamber Singers of Amity Middle School in Bethany embraced a unique performance opportunity. The students visited the Senior Center in Woodbridge with a geared up performance and a focus on the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a district effort that focuses on being more present. In addition to a performance for the local seniors, the Chamber Singers also engaged in lunchtime conversations with the folks after a round of card games. It was a win, win for all those in attendance. The locals enjoyed their time with the students, and the students had a great time with their mindful discussions as well. The students enjoyed the stories that the seniors had to tell, and both sides enjoyed connecting their different life experiences over food and games. It was the first concert for the Chamber Singers this season. The performance included many solos and duets from a repertoire of music that was selected with the senior citizens in mind. The group had some great follow-up conversations in regard to the exercise in mindfulness, and they hope to revisit again in the spring.

The Chamber Singers will be part of the Winter Concert on December 7, 2017 at Amity Middle School in Bethany where they and the other choral ensemble will be presenting a full program about mindfulness.

We hope you can attend!

Chamber Singers pictured from left to right: Marin Korenaga, Rebecca Yi Hong, Grace Gianquinto, Ashley Dorais, Taylor Dillon, Madeleine Key, Kaitlyn Pryor, Maggie Liu, Calista Mack, Bronwyn Couch, Gabrielle Wincerhern, Emily Sax, Natalie Modiano, Elyse Rogers. Missing from photo: Cierra Davis, Alexandra Novitski


Students left to right kneeling in the front row:  Hanin Anwer, Elena Lupoli, Isaiah McCoy, Alex Gilbride, Ariyanna Orosco, Nyeela Miller, Isabel Cavanagh, Ralph Toussaint, Sage Paglia, and Zshonna Singleton.

Left to right standing in the back row:  Kelly Chow, Asia Sierra, Ariana Cortes, Isabella Santamaria, Victoria Hoyas, Ruby Yumbla, Diogo Artaza, Owen Lee, Nazr Badmus, Zephaniah Abdus-Salaam, Eze Miguel Iheanacho, Ryan Lima.  (Photographer:  Marika Wissink)

AMS Participates in the Hour of Code

Students from both Amity Middle School Bethany and Orange participated in the Hour of Code.  Students were encouraged to go to the media center and learn more about computer coding through online, interactive tutorials.  Students wrote their own code using various programming languages (Scratch, Python, Java) to create games, illustrations, and more. 


Amity Regional School District No. 5 has joined the Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program.
Connecticut Green LEAF Schools is a program of Connecticut Departments of Education, Energy and Environmental Protection, Administrative Services, and Public Health, in collaboration with more than thirty-five environmental and educational partners.